Clients have a penchant for asking for the impossible, or a perverse law dictates that perfectly exquisite ice-cream scoops be shot only in the height of Delhi Summers.
Making sure that every grain of rice on that delicious biryani is a whole long grain, every prop in the picture adds just that little bit extra to the atmosphere, and all that frost and condensation stays on the beer bottle long enough for the photographer to get the perfect shot... That is what the food stylist ensures. Every shoot is a challenge… An effort to procure the best materials, to prepare them for the shoot, to get the right props and to style the set.
I consider my background in the arts a special gift that I can bring to bear on all my assignments. I feel this gives me a considerable edge over other stylists when it comes to the "look" of the picture.
I find it immensely rewarding and satisfying to handle food and it’s array of colours, textures and shapes create something beautiful. In my work, food becomes my palette and the plate my canvas.